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All Consultations Are Available In Home (CT) and Virtually (USA)

Sabrina is experienced in assisting parents with a wide range of breastfeeding concerns and skills. She meets with families both pre- and postnatally.

Some common needs addressed include: beginning breastfeeding; latch issues; fussy baby; nighttime feeding; breast or nipple pain; using a breast pump successfully; baby wearing; slow/low weight gain; low milk supply; overactive letdown; oversupply; plugged ducts; mastitis; introduction of solid foods; and more.

Sabrina also is knowledgeable in complex issues related to tongue tie, oral restrictions, oral function and habilitation.

Prenatal Consultation

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Before Baby Arrives

Get all your questions answered about what to expect in the first days and weeks of breastfeeding. Discuss previous breastfeeding experiences and have a plan for avoiding breastfeeding problems now.

Initial Consultation

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From Birth To Early Childhood

A thorough and comprehensive visit during any stage of your breastfeeding journey from birth through weaning. Whether you are experiencing breastfeeding challenges, going back to work, starting solids, weaning or have any other feeding/parenting questions, we will create a personalized care plan to help you and your baby thrive.

Follow Up Consultation

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For Existing Clients Only

Babies change quickly!  We will evaluate progress from the initial care plan, address new questions and make adjustments as needed to keep you and your baby moving in the right direction to reach your breastfeeding goals.

Gift Certificate

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Best Gift Ever

Show your love and support by giving a gift certificate. Makes a unique and truly meaningful gift both before and after baby arrives.

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